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The hottest bathroom trends for 2014

The hottest bathroom trends for 2014

With a new year, comes new trends for bathroom design and décor. Jasmin Kraneveldt from leading tile and sanitaryware supplier, Bathroom Bizarre, offers an overview on what’s hot and stylish in the world of bathrooms for the year ahead.

With 2014 well on its way, we are seeing a huge shift in bathroom design trends – instead of the opulent and colourful styles that were so popular in 2013, this year’s bathroom trends are comparatively monochromatic, organic and tend to err on the more minimalist side of design. So says Jasmin, who goes on to add: “As well as incorporating the constantly growing eco-friendly trend, bathrooms this year will also be adopting more open space, as well striking sanitary fitting and showers that stand as features in their own right. In 2014, it is all about interesting designs, practically attractive layout, and clean and unfussy lines.”

Seamless showers

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To coincide with the rebirth of minimalism, the shower is becoming an integrated part of the larger bathroom. For example, increasingly more shower rooms are being tiled in the same tiles as the rest of the bathroom for a seamless and integrated overall appearance. This trend not only allows you to choose the size and placement of your shower more freely, but it also creates the illusion of a larger and cleaner space as the floor is not visually broken up by a shower curb. “Curbless showers are a must-have for any modern bathroom – they not only look good, but ensure that your bathroom boasts a unified look, as well as being a very durable and cost effective alternative that is comparatively easy to install,” explains Jasmin.

Frameless shower doors are also gaining popularity, says Jasmin: “Less frame and more glass adds a slick look to the shower space, as well as visually maximising the space in your bathroom,” says Jasmine.

Going green

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This year, environmentally friendly bathroom solutions will remain ever popular. “Going green remains an increasingly popular bathroom trend – consumers are looking for ways to save water and energy – thereby doing their bit for the environment and saving themselves some money on their monthly utility bills in the process,” says Jasmin. For example, by simply replacing your toilet with a new one that boasts a dual-flush system, you can save thousands of litres of water every year.

“The smaller button disposes of liquid waste using around three litres per flush, while the larger button is for disposing solid wastes and uses around six litres per flush. Taking into consideration that the average person typically flushes liquids around four times more often than solids, these models can save up to 69 000 litres of water per year for a family of four, when compared to an old fashioned 13-litre toilet cistern.”

Jasmin notes that water-saving showerheads are another incredibly popular addition: “Showering is far more water- and energy-efficient than taking a bath. But even so, modern showerhead design has made them even more efficient. Today, low-flow showerheads have become very popular. In the past, low-flow showerheads didn’t produce very good water pressure, resulting in an unpleasant showering experience. Today however, low-flow showerheads conserve water, while still giving you the feeling of a standard high-pressure shower.”

Water-saving faucets are another must-have item in the modern bathroom, Jasmin explains: “Different faucet manufacturers use different methods to ensure that their taps are water-efficient – namely aerators, flow restrictors, and cartridges that are built into the mixers that lower the flow rate.”

Less is more

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“2014 is all about minimalism in the world of bathroom décor,” says Jasmin. Floating vanities and free-standing baths make for clean, chic and modern looking bathrooms. Fittings such as floating vanities that attach directly on to the wall can help create a larger-looking and more flowing space in the bathroom area, as well as giving it a clean and modern atmosphere. Free-standing baths stand as visually attractive features in any bathroom space – providing a beautiful focal point for the room.

Tones from Mother Nature

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The colour palettes in bathrooms this year will also boast minimal undertones, with the monochromatic look gaining popularity. “Organically-inspired neutral colours are extremely fashionable this year – think off-white, stone, taupe and grey, as well as black accents. As you can see, there has been a shift away from the browns and beiges that were so popular in the past, towards more interesting neutrals. These new tones are being accented with bright pops of colour, including various jewel tones such as emerald greens, peacock turquoise, and bright grapefruit pink for example,” explains Jasmin.

Dark and daring

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A new and shocking trend that can be seen emerging this year is the use of black sanitaryware. This dark addition is perfect for adding something dramatic to your bathroom composition, notes Jasmin: “As most bathrooms tend to be on the lighter side of the colour spectrum, the incorporation of new black fittings can offer a striking contrast,” she says. If pure black sanitaryware is too over the top for you, then why not opt for the more commercial options that boast a black outer shell, with a more traditional inner shell, such as the Napoli bath for example?

Black tiles are also being seen everywhere this year, from shiny black polished porcelain tiles, metallic black mosaics, to textured matte black ceramic tiles – black is back, whether it is on the floor, wall or as a splashback or vanity top.“Black tiling is an easy way to add style to a bathroom and it creates a wonderful contrast with standard white bathroom fittings – for an arresting end result,” Jasmin concludes.

* Images courtesy of Bathroom Bizarre.


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