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Take a crack

5 Ways to use egg shells in your garden.
 Egg shells are chock full of calcium, and so they are the perfect product to use on your garden plants. While most people toss their egg shells away, savvy gardeners know that they are their best friend and use them in a variety of ways. Take a look below at 5 ways to use egg shells in your garden that are both frugal and simple. You will never look at egg shells the same way again.

Ways to Use Egg Shells in Your Garden
  1. Use egg shells as free seed starters.
    Start your seeds in egg shells, which will provide them with a nutrient rich place to grow and thrive. Simply take half an egg shell, poke a small hole at the bottom, and fill it with soil. Add your seed or seedling and water as usual. You can then place the entire egg shell into the ground when the plant is stable for transplanting.
  2. Give your compost some “egg shell punch”.
    Make a special punch for your compost to sip on that is full of calcium! In a blender, mix your egg shells, a little water, and about 1 ½ cups of vinegar. Pour the punch into your compost pile to give it a boost.
  3. Make your own nutrient rich fertiliser.
    Plants, especially roses, love the nutrients that egg shells provide. Save your egg shells and when you have a handful of them, crush them into a fine powder. You can place them in a plastic bag to do this easily and with little mess. Add the leftover coffee grounds from your morning brew and mix the two ingredients together well. Then, simply sprinkle the powder at the base of your plants and water as usual.
  4. Keep bugs at bay.
    Bugs such as slugs and snails hate egg shells. They won’t want to climb over the sharp edges and will steer clear of any area that has shells in it. Place your roughly broken shell pieces around your delicate plants. They will act as a barrier keeping your plants safe.
  5. Stir some into your soil.
    Give your plants a healthy start by adding crushed egg shells to your potting soil and potted plants. The shells will continue to break down and feed your plants for weeks. It is just like adding a slow-release fertiliser to the soil.

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