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Zoosh it up with neutrals

Zoosh it up with neutrals

Neutrals are the staple of home decorating thanks to their unbiased nature. One thing is certain though – they don’t have to be boring!

Think white, black, brown, cream, grey, and pretty much any muted earthy tone and you’ll know all of these neutrals create the ideal background for any other colour you pair them with – the precise reason they’ve remained top design choices over the years!

Unfortunately, though, the world of neutrals can become extremely stagnant, and well … boring. Just think of those rooms we’ve all seen – the living room or entryway in cream upon cream upon cream … it’s just not pretty! Here are a few creative (and fun) ways to use neutrals to maintain life, charm and style!

• Remember that you don’t have to choose just one neutral colour to create a truly neutral space – go with grey, cream, brown, blue and black all at once. Just keep them fairly similar so they blend together well.

• You could also reserve strategic pops of colour for window treatments and throw pillows to enliven a neutral living room. This does two things – it makes the neutral scheme a breathing space between the colours while also bringing life into the living room overall.

• Metallic details, such as brass decor items, mirror frames and curtain rods add the perfect amount of pop to a neutral room. One benefit of using metallics is that it’s a completely glammed-up neutral.

Brass Armilliary Globe, R1 030, www.netdecor.co.za


• Mirrors add so much to any living room and they are particularly useful in a neutral one. They reflect the light and therefore brighten and enlarge the space. The mirrors themselves are seen as a neutral and thus add depth.

• Incorporate printed textiles and interesting décor pieces to bring energy into a room.

Ceramic bunny, R69, Volpes.


• A large chandelier, for example, can give a neutral, airy space a sense of purpose and presence. Not to mention, it’s an elegant addition to any décor!

• Mixing mediums in the details of the kitchen can keep the neutral things feeling alive and well. Think concrete, glass, wood and stainless steel, to name a few. They all work well to create a hip, contemporary and vibrant kitchen space … while remaining neutral.

• Cheerful stripes or other classic patterns work to add some flavour to a neutral kitchen in a timeless way. Classic patterns themselves are seen as neutral, therefore combining them with a neutral palette is perfect.

• Add a plant. It’s just that easy. The appearance of something green and living is always welcoming.


• Lucite dining chairs or a glass-topped dining table are two easy switches you can make – a fabulous way to maintain a visually lightweight, neutral palette that shines.

• Select a unique chair with a twist! An over-sized chair with a fun or interesting print can breathe personality into an otherwise standard space.

Coco chair, R2 995, Coricraft


• Neutral dining rooms tend to be charming, breathable spaces. Linen-upholstered dining chairs and plenty of textural wood lend an earthiness to the room and make it comfortable.

• Blend natural elements into your neutral colour scheme – like a wood plank wall – which can add depth and warmth without overpowering the décor.

• A single wall-to-wall photo shelf above the bed serves as a unique headboard and makes a solid statement in any neutral bedroom. Also don’t forget the importance of luxe and cosy textiles, like a neutral soft throw or pillow.

• Adding a fun shade will add plenty of personality in a neutral space.

Water Hycinth Knobbly hanging electirc shade, R3 190, www.netdecor.co.za


• Don’t forget that black and white, either separate or combined, are neutral colours too! They are an impressive and dramatic addition to any neutral bedroom.

• Use interesting shapes, lines and curves to create a gorgeous, interesting bedroom. The curved legs of a side chair, a uniquely shaped headboard or a rounded night stand pack a punch while keeping within a neutral palette.

• Lighting can take a space from pretty ordinary to extraordinary. This is especially true in neutral spaces. Place warm lighting in an unexpected place, like underneath the medicine cabinet or bathroom mirror, for maximum and delightful impact.

• Think interesting wallpapers, scatter cushions, rugs, runners and beautiful art pieces when you want to spruce up a neutral room!

Bulbs scatter cushions, R350, Coricraft


• Let natural light serve as the counterpoint to and highlight of your neutral colour scheme. Our eyes naturally gravitate toward a window with plenty of natural light, and the space is instantly appealing.Toiletries aren’t necessarily beautiful and they all work against a neutral colour palette if they’re exposed. Simply use baskets to maintain the serenity of your neutral bathroom while simultaneously incorporating texture.


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