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25 beauty myths DEBUNKED!

25 beauty myths DEBUNKED!

Some of these myths have been around for so long that you cannot help but have some doubts! We did some digging and are busting 25 common beauty myths!
  1. You should always shop for age-appropriate skincare products.

This is not true. Many products on the market claim to be designed for specific age groups – especially for mature women (between the ages of 50 and 100) but keep in mind that not everyone has the same skin-care needs. It’s best to shop for your skin type rather than your age. For example, look at products for dry or combination skin rather than anti-aging products.

  1. Dermatologist-tested means the product can be trusted to do as it says.

This is a massive sales gimmick! Society will obviously believe a product to be good if they see that it’s been tested by doctors – but ask yourself, who are these doctors? And what did they test? There are many products that claim to be dermatologically tested yet their formulas are very weak. The best is to find what works for YOUR skin!

  1. Dark spots are caused by age.

Dark spots are caused by unprotected sun exposure. Sun spots can occur at any age so the best you can do to prevent them is protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sun-screen daily to your face as well as your chest, arms and hands.

  1. Everyone outgrows acne.

Very unfortunately, this is not true. Acne is not only a skin problem that teenagers suffer from, there are many men and women who are in their 30s and older who still have acne. All acne should be treated in the same way – the most important being a gentle cleanser that kills acne-causing bacteria. A visit to a dermatologist is your best bet if wanting to clear acne.

  1. You have to use eye cream.

Believe it or not, but there really is no evidence or research to support that eye creams are formulated uniquely for the skin around the eyes. We aren’t saying stop buying it if you’ve been using it for years, but the point is that in most cases eye creams are really the same formulas you put on the rest of your face.

  1. You can erase wrinkles with the right product.

Sorry ladies, but if this was the case there would be no more business for the plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors … Despite thousands of products claiming to remove or take away wrinkles, it just isn’t true. Yes, perhaps they could reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but they cannot take them away.

  1. A tingling or cooling sensation is a good thing.

When your skin is irritated, it produces the sensation of cooling or tingling. And if your skin isn’t showing or reacting to irritation, this doesn’t mean that damage isn’t taking place – it’s just happening below the skin’s surface.

  1. Scrubbing removes blackheads.

Scrubbing the skin is not a great idea to begin with, but most people believe that it does in fact remove blackheads. The truth is that it might be removing the top part of the clogged pore but it’s doing nothing for the underlying issue – which means before you know it, the blackhead/s will be back. Rather opt for a cleansing product containing salicylic acid (BHA) which penetrates the pore and exfoliates from the inside – dissolving oil and dead skin cells.

  1. Only night cream can be applied in the evening.

Probably the only difference between your day cream and night cream is that the day formula often includes sun- screen. If you do have a SPF-free day cream there is no harm in applying it at night. Nor will applying your night cream by day make a difference. Just make sure to use a sunscreen too.

  1. Damaged hair can be repaired.

Just because a serum or conditioner might make your hair look less damaged doesn’t mean that it really is. Unfortunately the only damage control measure for hair that is dead or damaged is to cut it off.

  1. A serum and moisturiser do the same thing.

A serum contains more concentrated ingredients than a moisturiser, so having a good serum and moisturiser suited to your skin type is best.

Myths 1 – 11 courtesy of Paulaschoice.com

  1. You can replace the loss of collagen with a cream or serum.

Unfortunately collagen cannot be replaced. There are certain foods you could eat to boost collagen production, but unfortunately you cannot replace lost collagen.

  1. Using two different sun screens gives you double the protection.

Although it make sense in your head, think about it in this way – adding 2 per cent milk and 4 per cent milk together won’t give you 6 per cent milk. It’s best to go for the highest SPF sunscreen.

  1. You shouldn’t exfoliate or scrub skin after waxing.

We’re not saying you should go in with sandpaper, but a gentle exfoliation will actually prevent in-grown hair as it removes dead skin cells.

  1. If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t use facial oils.

It seems counter-intuitive to spread more oil on your skin when you know your face gets oily, but using certain types of facial oils can actually help regulate the problem. Oils to look for include those made of roses, apricot kernels, or grape-seeds.

  1. Wearing makeup every day is bad for your skin.

While wearing tons of makeup can be cumbersome for the skin on your face, wearing makeup consistently won’t actually make your skin worse. Granted, a day with no makeup feels great, but the real cause of skin damage is leaving makeup on overnight.

  1. Natural products are always a better option than chemical ones.

Natural ingredients have a host of benefits, and because they’re not cooked up in a synthetic-chemicals lab, they should be easier on your skin — or so you might think. But certain essential oils can trigger reactions when used on sensitive skin.

  1. Trimming your hair will make it grow faster.

Trimming your hair just creates the illusion that it’s growing. So, why does it seem like your hair grows faster if you go in for regular trims? It’s all about split ends. Breakage starts at the tip and works its way up the hair follicle. Chopping off the damaged ends makes your hair look fuller and healthier — but it won’t turn you into Rapunzel.

  1. A ‘base tan’ will protect you from getting a sunburn.

An existing tan does not provide enough protection against the sun. Actually, a tan is really like a big scab. When skin cells are damaged due to exposure to UV rays, the response is to produce more pigment.

  1. Facial exercises keep the skin taut.

Facial exercises can strengthen, tighten, and tone muscles, but they will not do anything to tighten the skin. In fact, repetitive muscle contraction can actually lead to further collagen breakdown.

  1. Waxing makes hair grow back thinner.

While waxing does damage the hair follicle, which does lead to short-term thinning of the hair, that thinning is temporary. Within two to three months of waxing, the hair will be just as thick as it was before you waxed.

  1. All your skin-care products should be from the same product line.

Actually, different product lines may excel in different areas and use different ingredients that will benefit your skin.

  1. Applying cocoa butter or olive oil will stop stretch marks.

Sadly, this isn’t true. Stretch marks occur when skin expands quickly (as in pregnancy), breaking the collagen and elastin fibres that normally support it. Or they’re simply the luck of the genetic draw. Stretch marks are formed below the top layer of skin, where the cocoa butter and olive oil can’t reach.

  1. You can sweat out toxins.

Who doesn’t love some hard-earned sauna time after a workout session? You get to relax in the steam, sweat out your toxins … right? Wrong. Toxins are actually broken down in the body – in your liver, to be exact – and disposed of in urine. Sweat only contains a mixture of water, salt, protein, and non-toxic urea.

  1. Crossing your legs causes varicose veins.

Not true, varicose veins are caused by standing for long periods of time.

Local celeb and actress Lizz Meiring shares a beauty myth that she’s debunked:

‘I heard that using haemorrhoid cream under your eyes would remove the puffiness and bags. Needless to say – it DOES NOT work! Believe me, it was embarrassing enough buying the cream. I tried it several times, but the bags and puffiness remained.’

Local celeb and TV personality Rozanne McKenzie shares a beauty myth that she’s debunked:

‘When I was younger, I was a firm believer that chocolate gives you pimples. I try to stay away from eating too much chocolate (not always successfully, I might add!), but now I know that the odd breakout is not only caused by eating chocolate, but that there are actually a number of factors involved including hormones. I use an excellent skincare range, I make sure that I remove my makeup at the end of a day and I drinks lots of water. So now I will indulge in the occasional chocolate feast and not expect a massive breakout the next day.’


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