By kids … for kids!

By kids … for kids!

Shampooheads Professional is a new salon hair care range created by Geoff and Colette Bell who together have over 30 years of industry and educational expertise.

Designed and developed with major contributions from Teens and Tweens, including their very own kids, who were the inspiration behind the Shampooheads Professional range.

The input by ‘kids for kids’ was crucial to create the look and feel of the products and also provided true insights into the thought processes and demands of modern day Teens and Tweens.

Quite simply, we asked, we listened, as a result, we created a market driven product range: The Original Salon Professional Haircare range for Teens and Tweens – BY KIDS, FOR KIDS.

Strawberry Kiss:

Our formulations are enriched with soft cotton extract. Cotton plants produce creamy-white flowers and are native to most subtropical countries. Cotton is connected to the feeling of comfort and smoothness.

Mild and gentle, suitable for fine, soft and normal hair.

Strawberry Kiss Daily Shampoo – R220.00 (500ml)

Strawberry Kiss Daily Conditioner – R175.00 (200ml)

Strawberry Kiss Detangler & Blow Dry Spray – R175.00 (200ml)

Tropical Twist:

Our formulations are enriched with mango fruit extract. Mango is native to southern Asia. It is a very colourful fruit commonly named ‘peach of the tropics’ and is renowned for its emollient and nourishing properties.

Cleanses and moisturises unruly hair.

Tropical Twist Moisturising Shampoo – R220.00 (500ml)

Tropical Twist Moisturising Conditioner – R175.00 (200ml)

Blueberry Burst:

Our formulations are enriched with refreshing water mint. The plant is common across Europe, North and South America and is cultivated in Africa and Asia. Energising and fresh. Suitable for all hair types and formulated with extracts of watermint.

Blueberry Burst Cleansing Shampoo – R220.00 (500ml)

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