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Preparation is key this month! It’s time to dig in and get your garden in tip-top shape for the coming season.

Indoor plant of the month
The Peperomia is a long-lasting foliage plant with striking and unusual leaves. They are fleshy and rumpled, dark green but with a red or silver hue, and send up wands of lovely creamy flowers. You should display plants in a simple ceramic container that will best show off the leaves. These plants are happy with medium light, but not direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist but don’t let it become waterlogged as the plant will immediately wilt and die. Likewise, the soil shouldn’t dry out completely.

June in the garden
This month, we’re planting Viola ‘Tiger Eye’. Why? Because it’s magnificent … and quite different from any other viola. The yellow-and-black striped blooms, like the markings of a tiger, certainly make this flower stand out. Plant it in a sunny border or as an edging and make sure to mass it for the most impact. It’s also a fabulous novelty plant for containers and hanging baskets. It likes fertile soil that drains well. Make sure you keep the soil moist but don’t over-water it, and boost its flower power with a liquid food once a month.

Garden tasks for June
• Protect tender plants from frost with frost cloth.
• Rake up fallen leaves and add to the compost heap.
• Water in the morning, so plants are dry by evening.
• Feed winter flowering annuals with a liquid feed once a month.


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