Say Hello to the new Glimmies!

Say Hello to the new Glimmies!

A first in the South African market, but with a growing fan base the world over, Glimmies are a super cute glow in the dark range of toys.

Glimmies are star fairy collectibles that have been sent by the moon to look after the forest animals and restore peace to Glimmies Wood. Each star fairy represents a forest animal and has its own distinct features and characteristics resembling each animal they have been sent to protect.

The Glimmies are known for their Glimmessence, which is a special treatment made up of stardust and plants, which they call Glimtilla.  The Glimmessence is used to bring light into the dark, rescue animals in danger or to make the animals feel better if they are unwell. Whether your child is afraid of the dark and needs a friend to make them feel safe or if they are simply intrigued by the magical world of fairies, Glimmies will be the perfect companion to play with and help them feel safe.

Some of the star fairies include the Firefly Glimmies, Nova (green) and Astraea (zesty yellow); they are very responsible and have been known to take themselves too seriously sometimes. The Fox Glimmies, Foxanne (purple) and Volpessa (forest green), these two are always lucky and can get themselves out of any tricky situation. The Ladybug Glimmies, Dotterella (red) and Aurea (gold) are very helpful and can sometimes appear to be very deep and lost in thought. Doterella is also the leader of all the Glimmies owing to her ability to raise spirits when the other Glimmies’ are feeling low. Hazelyn (orange) and Almendra (pink), the squirrel Glimmies are adventurous, full of energy and are always looking for special treasures to hide in secret places. Flayla (silver) and Pluma (aqua) are the owl Glimmies, they are wise, calm, attentive and very very talkative. There are many more star fairies for the collector to discover- a total of 23 to collect.

As a group, there is a never-ending adventure and there are always new problems to solve. Above all, the Glimmies have a deep love and respect for nature.

The Glimmies are guaranteed to be a popular choice for all young fairy fans aged 3 years and older. They are available at leading stores and retailers. For more information, visit www.Prima

Watch the Glimmies unboxing video here.


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