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Colour your world

Colour your world

It is that time of the year again where art, design and nature have merged to bring you loads of gardening ideas and inspiration at Garden World’s Spring Festival.

1. Exhale (Platinum) – Sonita Young – Young Landscape Design Studio

A rustic, contemporary courtyard garden, with the emphasis on white-washed walls, a muted colour palette and handcrafted natural décor elements, combined with contemporary accent pieces, all set inside a lush tropical courtyard garden. This garden recreates the look of a beautiful boutique hotel in Paternoster, the breathtaking old fisherman’s town, where your days are spent relaxing, recharging and lazing around, taking in the beauty. Surrounded by fresh, crisp white walls, it will leave you not knowing where the blue ocean and clear blue sky meet.

2. Call it colour (Platinum) – Priscilla Banda – Green Dimensions

Call it Colour is a small, functional but vibrant outdoor space dotted with colour bursts that stimulate energy and create an exciting ambience. The strong lines in the structure of the gazebo, timber decking, timber slats on the benches and on the walls create movement and rhythm. The charcoal colour used on the gazebo structure and the planter wall coping give this contemporary garden an industrial feel. The bold use of the primary colours of red and yellow represent bubbles spurting out of the wall which add excitement to the garden. The cooler mauve and blue colours of the plants tone down the garden, creating a much-needed balance. The lower seating area consists of benches clad with timber slats, and overlooks a water feature (encased in a table), which creates a soothing and relaxing sound effect.

3. Day Dreamer (Platinum) – Brenda Niehaus – Fern Lily Design & Landscaping

Through sky half golden and half blue, you can enjoy day-dreaming or reading a book on a day bed surrounded by an abundance of blue and yellow flowers and plants. Blue, being the colour of both the sky and the sea, is often used to represent images which have a calming effect on the psyche. Yellow stimulates the mental processes and nervous system and shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Mixing the two colours gives you the colour green – the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy, associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and environment.

4. Urban Succulent Patio (High Gold) – Grant Gove of GLC Design Studio – Ngena Succulents

This garden is a showcase for succulents in an urban setting. It is a relaxing area, where you can retreat and unwind after a long day at the office. The small area is designed with high density, smaller properties in mind. It is a tranquil space featuring various succulents, creating a low-maintenance, water-wise environment. The outside living space includes a water feature to block out the city sounds and a braai for entertaining.

5. Ubuntu – Andre Louw and Wiehann Felstead – Virtue Landscaping

‘Ubuntu’ is defined as the belief in the universal connection between all humanity and nature. This is a modern place in which to escape the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and the routines of the concrete jungle, and reconnect with our roots. The use of grasses and monochromatic colours enhances the feeling of relaxation and tranquillity – Ubuntu. Recycled elements emphasise the need to look after Mother Nature and leave something behind for our generations to come. The floating pavers and table create an illusion of added space, giving the garden a light, airy feel.

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