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No need to stress about cleaning this Festive season

No need to stress about cleaning this Festive season

It’s the festive season, and that means visiting family members! Fast forwarding to your family sitting around the lunch table is what we would all like to do, but you will still need to make time for the shopping, cooking, and most definitely cleaning.

“When the festive season comes around we tend to think of smiles and laughter, and completely block out everything that happens up until that point,” says Sarah Webb, brand manager for cleaning product Chemico. “But getting to that point is dependent on organisation and your whole family pulling together.”

Entertaining in your home means cleaning before, during and after, and sometimes even more than that. But don’t let the stress of keeping your home clean this Festive season get you down; Webb provides the following four tips on how to make your cleaning job a little easier:

Divide and conquer. Give each member of the family a designated job – these can vary during the day depending on what is happening. For example, your son will be responsible for the floors before the guests arrive; then responsible for the setting and clearing the dishes; and, then once again responsible for the floors when the guests have left. Don’t be afraid to delegate.

Clean up after yourself. If you use a towel make sure it is hung back properly on the towel rail; if you make a sandwich clean up the crumbs straight away – this type of cleaning will give you less to do when the big, Festive season lunch occurs.

Choose a product that can be used for more than one job. This eliminates walking up and down to the cleaning product cabinet and saves you cleaning time. Chemico’s Liqui Cleen is an effective all-purpose cleaner and is available in four fresh fragrances such as Original, Lavender, Citrus and Marine. Including its 3X extreme clean formula, Chemico’s Liqui Cleen can be used on a variety of surfaces helping you to keep your home clean effortlessly.

Organise your cleaning to do list. Keeping ALL the cleaning for the day of the big event will only make you feel the Festive season cleaning stress. There are jobs that don’t need to be done on the day – clean the oven a few days before; cleaning and preparing the cutlery and crockery needed for the lunch can be organised the night before; windows can be done a few days beforehand and even the bathrooms can be cleaned the day before.

By organising your cleaning regime this Festive season, there will be no need to feel any stress and for once you will be able to enjoy the festivities with the rest of the family.


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