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What’s your emergency?

What’s your emergency?

As much as we anticipate good cheer and smiles during the holiday season, accidents (and illnesses) do happen. Be prepared for anything with these handy tips.

What should be in your FIRST AID kit?
• Scissors
• Tweezers
• Needles (18g and 22g)
• Syringes (5ml and 10ml)
• Savlon liquid
• Antihistamine cream such as Anthisan
• Plastic wrap
• Plastic transparent dressings
• Burnshield
• Non-adherent gauze – various sizes
• Transparent dressings – various sizes
• Steristrips/Leucostrips – various sizes
• Elastic (tensor) bandages (7,5cm and 10cm wide, for wrapping areas that need tension, e.g. sprains)
• Elastic conforming bandages (7,5cm and 10cm wide, for wrapping other areas)
• Elastic self-adhesive bandage (7,5cm and 10cm wide, for wrapping without the need for tapes)
• Tapes: Paper and/ or plastic.
• Various sizes of fancy sticking plasters (Band-Aids) for the little ones!
All dirty wound (trauma/abrasion etc) openings in the skin should be cleaned/irrigated with clean water and Savlon as soon as possible to clear foreign bodies and potential bacteria.

Headache? Cure it naturally!
To relieve headache pain, dab a drop or two of thyme or rosemary essential oil on each temple and on your forehead. Rub gently into the skin, then sit quietly for several minutes to let this home remedy work.

NRF Colloidal Silver Cream (R82,95) is a mild silver protein that treats and soothes many skin ailments from dry, damaged skin, sunburn, and cuts or nicks on hands and fingers. It is completely safe to use on children.
– Dis-Chem, Clearwater Mall.

Something bit me! When should I call the doctor?
• When a severe allergic reaction develops.
• If your child or anyone in your immediate family has a history of a severe reaction to the particular insect’s bite. Don’t wait for a reaction to occur if you know this already.
• If your child’s face, neck or throat is stung. This may cause rapid swelling, which could obstruct the airway and breathing.
• If your child has multiple stings or bites.
• If you can’t identify the type of spider that’s bitten your child.
Seek medical advice immediately if the following occur: swelling in any part of the body, dizziness, confusion, cramps, rapid heartbeat or nausea.

Top 3 sun myths:
1. People with dark (or so-called strong) skin are not at risk of developing skin cancer.
2. A beach umbrella blocks the sun. Sand reflects 17 per cent of UV radiation, so you’re still exposed. Nevertheless, it’s smart to stay in the shade when the sun’s rays are high; just make sure you’re also slathered with sunscreen.
3. One or two cases of sunburn will not result in skin cancer.

The general rule is to use a teaspoon (5ml) of sunscreen for your face and two tablespoons (30ml) for the rest of your body.

Burns: If the burn is larger than your hand or due to electricity/ chemicals or in the groin, hand or face area, you should go to casualty. Burns need to be irrigated with cold water before dressing.
If the pain continues, cover with Burnshield for eight hours. Cover blisters with a clear dressing. After three days, cut the blister skin off and redress with clear dressing until healed. What to use? Plastic wrap is a good temporary cover to minimise pain and exposure to bacteria. Burnshield is a great cooling agent, but must be removed after eight hours.

The most basic rehydration drink that contains electrolytes is one made with water, salt and sugar. This mixture is especially useful because the dry ingredients can be packaged ahead of time to be used as needed. An oral rehydration solution is good for replacing fluids lost due to diarrhoea. The most basic combination is drinking water mixed with a 10:1 ratio of sugar to sea salt, i.e. 10ml sugar to 1ml salt, in a glass of water. Instead of sugar, you can also use a natural sweetener, such as honey. Stir the drink until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved. To make it taste better, add some fresh mashed fruit, such as banana or mango, to the mix. You can also leave in fresh slices of other fruits, such as apples, lemons or limes, to gently flavour the drink. If you are adding fruit, store the solution in the fridge.

Like alcohol, caffeine sucks the moisture out of you. On hot days, avoid it as much as possible, especially when combined with alcohol.



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