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What to buy at after Christmas clearance sales

What to buy at after Christmas clearance sales

We know that hitting the shops after Christmas is probably the last thing you want to right now, but here are seven good reasons to do just that!

1. Christmas decorations and stationary

Now that Christmas is over, you can bet Santa’s sleigh that those ‘SALE’ signs will be popping up everywhere but you won’t find any deal better than on the Christmas stuff that most stores are non to keen to sit with for another whole year. Get it done now and you will thank yourself later.

2. Christmas presents

Braving the crowds at the malls to find that perfect gift was pretty nightmarish, huh? You probably ended up forking out a lot more than you budgeted for too because sticking around to find the right present at the right price was just too traumatic with the clock ticking towards Christmas day. Save yourself all that stress next year and hit the sales now! You’ll spend half the money and you can begin the new year with one thing crossed off your list already. If you’re smart and you have the extra change you can get all those birthday presents out of the way too … especially for all those pesky people born in January (the author of this piece is one of them) who you always forget to buy presents for until the day before.

3. Spoil yourself

Why not? You just shelled out hundreds for other people so we think you more than deserve a little ‘from-me-to-me’ gift-poo. Plus, you’ll be able to get almost anything on your list that Santa forgot to cross-out at half the price. Go ahead, start the year with everything you want!

4. Food

Sure, most of the stores have already been emptied out, but if you pop by anyway you are guaranteed to get some quality Christmas delights like a delicious Gammon at a steal. Buy as much as you can carry and then cram it in your freezer. January gammon diet, here we come!

5. Gym gear

It’s the most common new years resolution worldwide … that’s right, get back into shape. And all the fitness gear retailers will be competing to get you to gear up at their store and that means dropping their prices … a lot.

6. A new TV

Electronics stores are notorious for stocking up a little extra for Christmas and then whatever doesn’t get sold and is taking up space in their store room gets its price slashed way down. Yay! Time for an upgrade!

7. Everything else on sale

You are guaranteed to find sales everywhere you go after the 25th, but if it’s not on sale don’t buy it! Rather wait until the end of January when sale season really begins (ideal time to buy your winter clothes and decor by the way!).


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