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6 Surprising reasons your skin keep breaking out

6 Surprising reasons your skin keep breaking out

Although genetics, clogged pores and overproduction of sebum are all factors that play a role in creating breakouts, there are a few other triggers you might not be aware of.

1. Your hair products are wrecking your skin

The various sulphates and silicones found in your shampoo and conditioner have a tendency to clog your pores, as do your hairsprays and nourishing oils. This could be why you have acne or pimples around your hairline.

Tip: Wash your face AFTER washing your hair. This will remove any build up on your face.

2. You’re a pimple picker

This is an obvious one. The more you pick, the worse they get. Our hands are incredibly dirty so when you’re popping pimples, you are really just clearing out bacteria, only to create an open wound to let in more unwanted germs.

Tip: Don’t pop those pimples! Let your skin release the grime on its own.

3. You constantly touch your face

Majority of woman and men are all guilty of this. You either fidget a lot or rest your chin in the palm of your hands. Remember, you use your hands for everything, so just think of all the bacteria you are transferring onto your face.

Tip: Be more aware of when you touch your face and try to break the habit.

4. You’re drying out your skin

Using too many skincare products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide dry out your skin. Your skin then needs to produce more sebum to combat the dryness, which ends up actually causing more breakouts.

Tip: Instead of drying out your whole face, use a focused spot treatment like Celltone’s Spot Blitzer – R150 for 10ml.

5. You skip the shower after your workout

When sweat mixes with makeup from the night before or excess oil on your skin, you’ve got yourself a breeding ground for bacteria.

Tip: If you don’t have time to wash your face, carry around a few wet wipes instead.

6. You’re addicted to the sun

The sun doesn’t have a healing effect on your skin at all. Instead, it dries it out, triggering more oil production, which in turn means more zits.

Tip: Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen like Celltone’s Adult Sunscreen SPF 50 – R199,99 for 75ml to prevent clogged pores and protect your skin from free radicals and harsh UV rays.


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