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Your ultimate beauty cheat sheet to applying makeup like a pro

Your ultimate beauty cheat sheet to applying makeup like a pro

We’re giving you a few ultimate tricks of the trade to have you applying your makeup like a pro in no time! HANNON offers up 6 easy tips and techniques to take you from whatever to woah!


Like to mix up your foundation coverage depending on the occasion or your mood? For a sheer coverage, apply your foundation with the tips of your fingers as this will spread the foundation thinly, yet evenly across your face. If you want medium to full coverage, your best bet is a flat tip or dual fibre foundation brush – just be on the lookout for streaks.


Struggling to get your eyeshadow to last from desk till dinner? You could be making the mistake of using concealer on your lids as an eyeshadow base. Concealer is made to have a thicker consistency which will cause the eyeshadow to crease.

Rather look at using a powder foundation like HANNON’s Two in One Foundation, R252.


If you suffer from dry skin, don’t apply powder all over your face as this will make you look ‘flaky’ and dry. Apply the powder to the areas of your face where you usually suffer from oiliness, like your T-Zone and bridge of the nose. You can then add more as you go.


Don’t just apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Sweep the brush from your cheeks to the top of your ear (almost in a tick shape), as this will have a facelift effect and is really youthful.

For a gorgeous glow, try HANNON’s Blusher in Brazilian Tan, R230.


To make your lipstick last longer, start with a lip pencil and colour in your entire pout. Apply your lipstick starting from the cupids bow downwards, dab with translucent powder and apply another layer of lipstick, for an all-day-to-night look. The layering and additional power will prevent your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ or smudging mid-way through the day.


Always stick to a brown pencil or shadow to fill in your brows – black is too harsh. If you want a more defined line, opt for a waxy pencil, or for a subtler brow use an eyebrow powder (or even brown eyeshadow) and an angled brush to create lifelike hairs. Begin by lining the bottom of your brow, then take your pencil to the top, too. This will create an even line and clean finish.

Try the creamy Taupe Gel Eyebrow Pencil, R145.


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