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Top 6 car tips for health and longevity car battery

Top 6 car tips for health and longevity car battery

Where some batteries fail prematurely, others are downright neglected, however with South Africa’s most trusted battery specialist, Battery Centre we offer quality battery services which allows your car battery to exercise its full potential.

See six tips to safeguard and ensure a robust battery life: 

  1. Give regular attention to your battery’s health.
  1. Keep your battery at a near constant temperature, instead of subjecting it to a high or low-temperature cycling.
  1. Only use refill battery water from reliable auto shops and ensure the container is sealed.
  1. Buy refill battery water in small amounts and don’t store indefinitely as it ages and gets contaminated with chlorides, which poison the electrolyte.
  1. Keep the battery lid and terminals clean.
  1. Get your battery serviced by certified battery specialists. They will check electrolyte levels and top it up with the right battery water. They can also advise you on how best to treat battery terminal corrosion.


With a little love, attention and advice from battery experts (and Google), your battery can experience an extended battery life. With the new Raylite battery, a minimum of two to a three-year warranty of most car batteries is conventional. To get the most out of your car battery, or to challenge your current battery record, contact Battery Centre for expert advice on car battery maintenance.


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