Go natural when it comes to fighting off colds and flu

Go natural when it comes to fighting off colds and flu

When reading the ingredients of over-the-counter medicines, the scientific names can be confusing and often off-putting, making you unsure about what you are putting into your body and whether they will provide relief. In addition, we are often confronted with the argument of natural ingredients over chemical, but what does that actually mean?

“We are fed daily the benefits of natural ingredients, and how we should be focussing on them to get better the right way. But, the truth is, without prior education on what these ingredients are, and what we should be looking out for – it becomes a very daunting task when deciding what to buy and what to put back onto the shelf,” says Carla Yssel, brand manager for Linctagon.

There are many suggestions that one vitamin should be taken over another; or that certain natural ingredients are the definitive cure when it comes to colds and flu, only to find out during self-education that some of these suggestions are in fact myths. “Speaking to your pharmacist, or reading up on ingredients in detail are recommended when deciding on what natural ingredients to include in your medicine cabinet,” says Yssel.

Some natural ingredients that can be considered when fighting colds and flu are:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been found to help reduce the risk of respiratory infections associated with colds and flu. In recent studies, it was found that those with low levels of Vitamin D, positively benefitted from increasing their levels of Vitamin D.


Pelargonium sidoides is one of the main ingredients in all Linctagon products and has been extracted from the roots of the Pelargonium plant indigenous to South Africa. After numerous studies, it has been found that the medicinal effects of Pelargonium can assist the body when suffering from colds and flu, by shortening the duration of the illness, giving symptomatic relief.


Honey is a great remedy to help soothe a sore throat and a cough. Studies have shown that honey contains dietary antioxidants and due to its antimicrobial properties (the ability to kill or prevent micro-organisms from growing) may also fight bacterial infections.

Omega 3

Omega 3 has been found to help reduce inflammation, which is needed by a disease to spread. Researchers have found that If Omega 3 is consumed regularly, the chances of catching a cold or the flu is reduced.



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