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Women’s Day! Let’s make it about us!

Women’s Day! Let’s make it about us!

It’s almost Woman’s day; this holiday serves as a reminder of the hardships that women still face –single parenting, domestic abuse, equal schooling and fighting the glass ceiling in many industries. Not every country has its own public holiday to celebrate the backbone of the nation, but once again this is just another reason why our country is unique.

“The women in South Africa are known not just for their beauty, but for their resilience to overcome any situation and make the most of it,” says Nomfundo Majozi, brand manager for Nativa brand, Vigro®. “We give so much of ourselves to others during the year, that this day should be a chance for us to do what we want, and celebrate ourselves.”

Majozi offers a few tips on how to celebrate yourself on this day:

  • Be selfish – if you want to spend time in the garden, but no one else wants to, well, then that’s their decision. This day is about you enjoying what you do – not about making it special for everyone else.
  • If you want to be alone plan in advance and send the kids and hubby out for the day. “Surprise” them with a day out excursion, giving you the chance to do whatever you want – sounds like bliss, doesn’t it.
  • Try and de-stress, as stress can have a negative effect on your body and even your hair. As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, we often feel the need to be everything to everyone. It can get tiring and stressful, and stress can possibly lead to non-genetic hair thinning. For non-genetic hair thinning the *Vigro® 3-step system is a definite must.
  • Soak it up in a warm bath. Get your favourite book, pour yourself something to drink, bring out the chocolates (it’s your day isn’t it? Who cares about etiquette?) and soak the day away. Why not follow it up with an afternoon sleep? Heaven!
  • Take the time to give yourself a “make-over”. Give yourself that facial you have wanted to do, or how about trying something different with your hair?


* The Vigro® 3-Step System can assist the scalp by cleaning and opening the hair shaft preparing the scalp for penetration of the actives, as well as assisting hair follicles to reduce hair loss through the active ingredient Follicusan™ (topical products).* The Vigro® 3-Step System also provides a combination of vitamins and minerals needed to nourish your hair from within**.

**Efficacy of support may vary between users. Consult a medical practitioner for a diagnosis or if symptoms persist. Use as indicated. Vigro®3-Step System is not indicated for genetic hair loss.


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