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5 things to avoid in the bathroom to keep it clean

5 things to avoid in the bathroom to keep it clean

When it comes to cleaning our homes we always obsess and despair over the bathroom. It’s the one place in the house that we “voluntarily” make dirty – this is where we clean ourselves on a daily basis – and therefore, often look for ideas on what we can do to keep it clean, but we never consider what we should avoid doing.

“Keeping a bathroom spotlessly clean 24/7 is just not possible, but there are habits we can get into to help minimise germs, and stop them from spreading,” says Sarah Webb, brand manager for household cleaner Chemico. Some of our own bathroom habits contribute to the dirtiness of the bathroom, and if we learn to curb these habits, and teach our family members to do the same, it could save time in the long run as well as limit germs and potential illnesses.

Webb suggests the following habits that need to change in order to keep the bathroom clean:

  1. Leaving the shower curtain closed after a shower. Soap suds collect on the curtains and the extra moisture in the air contributes to the build-up of mildew on the curtain. After you shower, take a few minutes to rinse off all the soap, dry it as best you can, and leave it open to help circulate the air and dry the curtain faster.
  2. The toilet lid stays up when you flush. Think of it this way – if you don’t close the toilet lid when you flush whatever was in there (and we mean WHATEVER) can spray across the bathroom. This, undoubtedly, can spread germs which remain in the air, and then settle in a dirty film around the bathroom. To make sure that your toilet bowl is extra clean and germ-free routinely use a toilet cleaner; Chemico Toilet Bowl Cleaner, available in three variants, Citrus Blast, Lavender Breeze and Pine Fresh, includes the signature Chemico formula containing 3X extreme clean as well as boasts an anti-limescale component. Complete with an active stain remover, it kills germs and is a tough, no fuss, easy to use cleaning product.
  3. Bathroom reading material stays in the bathroom. Many people are bathroom readers, and leaving the magazine in the bathroom is a bad habit. The moisture in the air can cause mould and mildew to grow between the pages which are not good for your health. Take the reading material with you when you leave (it will be one less thing left lying around).
  4. The bathroom windows remain shut. As we are in the bathroom for shorter than any other room, we don’t consider ventilation. However, it is the one room in the house, due to all the moisture build-up, that the windows should be opened to avoid the growth of mould.
  5. Cluttering up the shelves and around the sink. It is very easy to cause a great deal of clutter in the bathroom – whether its toothpaste, make-up, hairbrushes, hair products etc. –creating an unnecessary eye-sore AND a prime germ attraction. Make-up brushes, for example, should never be kept in the bathroom; anything that is used on your face should be used and kept elsewhere when you consider the “toilet germs” and the potential for mould build-up due to excess moisture.


For more information on Chemico go to https://www.facebook.com/ChemicoProducts/


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