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Five ways to care for your hands

Five ways to care for your hands

Have you ever thought about how much you do with your hands do in just one day? You shake hands to seal the deal, you show expression when you talk, you soothe a child, you pick, you grab, you clench and point. Your hands are leading the charge when it comes to so much of our lives – and taking care of them should be tantamount.

To make matters worse, your hands are exposed to all sorts of germs, dirt, harsh substances, sunlight and more. The frequent washing designed to keep your hands clean can make them dry, cracked and wrinkled.

Nadia Carrim from luxury bath brand Vinolia provides five important tips to care for your hands:

Wash with care

Washing your hands is the best thing you can do to keep from spreading bacteria and viruses. Wash your hands in lukewarm water all year round. If the water is too hot or too cold it will damage the skin – as will using a wash that isn’t manufactured for use on your skin. Rather use a hand wash specifically formulated to keep your skin soft and smooth, like the Vinolia Wild Rose Luxury Handwash. Rinse your hands well after washing and pat them dry or blot them gently.


Treat your hands at least once a week with a good exfoliating agent to get rid of any dead skin. No time to buy one? Make one at home with a teaspoon of sugar granules mixed with a squirt of olive oil and the juice from half a lime.


Good moisturisers can help prevent or treat dry skin on your hands.  After each hand wash take a dollop of cream and rub equally all over the hands. You should consider handling household chores with the help of gloves to protect your hands and save them from being totally dried out.

In addition, as a year-round rule – apply a coat of sunscreen to your hands when applying to your face. Keep sunspots and dark marks at bay with adequate protection.


Massage your hands at night for at least five minutes to let the moisturiser soak in. For very rough and dry hands, mix your moisturiser with a bit of petroleum jelly so that they are protected through the night.

Give yourself a ‘mini-cure’

A manicure may be a mood-elevating treat or preparation for a special occasion. Most of us won’t get a manicure every day, but we can give ourselves a ‘mini-cure ‘to help keep nails healthy and attractive.  Here are a few tips:

  • Use moisturiser on your nails as well as on your skin. For an extra treat at night, warm a favourite essential oil and give your nails a therapeutic soak
  • Don’t cut cuticles, push them back too far or use chemicals on them
  • When cuticles are soft and moist, push them back gently with a soft cloth
  • If nails become discoloured, stop using polish for a while
  • The acetone in nail polish remover can damage nails, so use it sparingly
  • Use a file with a fine texture to shape nails and remove snags



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