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Summer sunglasses – it’s getting personal

Summer sunglasses – it’s getting personal

When it comes to summer sunglasses trends, it seems that almost anything goes this season; tinted lenses, aviator glasses, thin wire-frame sunglasses, double bridges, vintage round frames, white sunglasses, multi-colour tortoiseshell frames, rimless, half frames and flat tops – even square sunglasses are seeing a return.

Though shapes and styles may come and go, and come back again, there is one thing that never goes out of fashion – classic quality.

“Summer 2018 burgeons with choice. There is an array of frames from designer brands which can be personalized with lenses to accommodate your vision needs. By pairing new lens technologies with innovative frames, it is possible to get quality, precision eyewear that meet your vision needs as well as your lifestyle while remaining on trend. In fact, the opportunities to personalize your summer eyewear are almost limitless,” says Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision, adding that the harsh South African summer sun calls for sunglasses that are protective.

He stresses that lenses should be polarized and provide protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. Premium brands will have the UV protection capabilities detailed on the frames.

“South Africans typically spend a lot of time outdoors in summer. Fashion eyewear bought off the shelf typically does not deliver much protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. If you are someone who enjoys an active or outdoor lifestyle, you should prioritise quality lenses that will protect your eyes. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on aesthetics,” says Naude.

PolarThin lenses from SEIKO is the world’s thinnest polarized lenses, offering complete glare reduction and improved contrast and colour. Even with their ultra lightweight design and thin shape, they can be used in all types of frames including rimless and supra frames.

Their High Curve Technology (HCT) lenses provide premium protection and perfect, panoramic vision for outdoor sports and leisure. Best of all is that they can be fitted to any frame, whether it is a 1990s-inspired skinny frame, an oversized round frame or a square frame that you have your eye on this summer.

Both SEIKO CURVED and SEIKO CURVED X are made to fit the wearer’s active lifestyle and aesthetic desires. These lenses can be combined with different coating options, including mirror, polarized and photochromic, and are available in more than 200 different colours.

“Given that tinted glasses are one of this year’s biggest trends, this is pleasing news for any fashion conscious sunglasses’ shopper. The SEIKO Mirror Collection also opens up a world of opportunity to get creative about personalizing your eyewear. You can combine any of the five mirror coatings with a coloured glass of your choice to create your very own, personalized piece of unique eyewear,” comments Naude.

The top five trends that Naude says consumers can expect to see this summer are:

  1. Tinted lenses
  2. Oversized round and aviator glasses
  3. Flat top sunglasses
  4. Tortoiseshell glasses in different colours
  5. Thin wireframes


He concludes with a reminder that Dynamic Vision Optometrists is still searching for the #FaceFashionofEyewear. The first ever eyewear model search by Dynamic Vision Optometrists, the #FaceFashionofEyewear hopes to unearth an authentic South African personality with a flair for fashion, a strong social media presence and a face fit for modelling top international eyewear brands to South Africans.

There are exciting prizes to be won including fashion sunglasses from Jimmy Choo and Carrerra; fashion eyewear with Blue Light Protection from SEIKO; photo shoots and getaways. Entries close on 31 January 2019. For more information and to enter, hopefuls must go to www.dynamicvisionsa.co.za.


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