Meet the new Fingerlings!

The Fingerlings family has grown with new, awesome robotic toys in the range! As the best-selling technology toy for 2017, the Fingerlings have become an undisputed phenomenon in the toy world and with good reason because these robotic pets are cute, adorable and very huggable!
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Rosie’s Travelling Takkies

Looking for some reading material for the little ones. Rosie’s Travelling Takkies is a definite must.
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It’s fun time with So Slime DIY!

With So Slime DIY slime shakers it’s always shimmery, icky, gooey fun slime time! Now, with So Slime DIY, children can make their very own shimmery slime with no glue and no mess. The do-it-yourself kits make it fun and easy to create your own unique slime without a fuss, with an added surprise in every pack.
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Child dental care

Your baby will experience many firsts: first tooth, first words, first steps, first birthday – and inevitably, the first dental visit. The Dental House shares advice on the importance of your child’s dental care and how to handle this milestone.
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Easter fun for toddlers

Easter is a great time of year for children of all ages, filled with bright colours and a few tasty treats, it is the perfect opportunity for moms and dads to spend quality time interacting with their toddlers.
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Girls, be amazing with Disney and Toy Kingdom

Moms and dads, as your little girls begin their journey along life’s path; encourage them to be dreamers, explorers, adventurers and magic makers, encourage them to be curious and strong. How to do it is simple, it starts with the toy box.
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Ensure your children enjoy Easter – the healthy way

Easter is upon us and this is the time when children get caught up in the hype of the ‘Easter hunt’ where baskets are filled with chocolate eggs, bunnies, sweets and other decadent treats. However, these treats are loaded with sugar, preservatives and unhealthy trans-fat which are bad for the body.
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As Good as Eating Out

Let’s face it. Budgets are tight. And eating out has become somewhat of a treat. But we’ve found the perfect solution … restaurant food at home. As Good as Eating Out is Your Family’s new cookbook and we’ve got a copy to give away to one reader!


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