Babe-Eeze 2-in-1 bowl & feeding mat

Most parents know the nightmare mess if their little ones flip over their bowl of food at mealtimes. The new Babe-Eeze 2-in-1 bowl and feeding mat is a clever innovation which suctions directly to the table, making it virtually impossible for toddlers to tip over their food bowls.
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Dental trauma: What parents need to know

While most parents are all too familiar with the everyday slips, falls and scraped knees that come along with their children’s playtime, it is often difficult to determine whether an injury warrants actual medical attention, particularly when the damage isn’t very visually apparent as some dental trauma injuries can be.
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She knows how to shop!

Seven year old Aishania Sana Naidoo from Roodepoort in Johannesburg has triumphed in Nickelodeon’s Toy Sprint brought to you by Toys R Us.
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What to do when your first job culture shock has you stuck

For recent graduates who have now spent a year or two in the workplace, it might feel like winter is here to stay – for the rest of their lives – as the culture shock of the working world starts to kick in.
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Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer initiative

This year, Mugg & Bean will once again be bringing hope to the lives of children living with cancer, through its Cupcakes 4 Kids With Cancer fundraising initiative. As proud supporters since 2011, Mugg & Bean has to date raised over R 500 000 for this worthy cause.
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Planting seeds of literacy

Nothing is quite as important as the pursuit of literacy in a country where the majority live in dire poverty. Literacy is ‘food for thought’, nurturing growth of individuals and empowering them to bring about positive change in their own circumstances. Held in September each year, Literacy Month serves to draw attention to the salience of literacy in a knowledge-hungry world.
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Securing your kids’ financial future

By keeping tabs on family finances, parents can build a solid foundation for whatever the future has in store. Suzanne Stevens, Executive Director at life insurance provider BrightRock, gives parents advice on how to keep long-term financial goals in mind while still taking care of the present.
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Summer days + total protection = safe fun in the sun

So we love our skin. We love summer. And we love our readers … which is why we’re giving away a full set of SVR Sun Secure product range to one lucky reader!


This month we’re getting our smoothie on!

We’re giving away a Nutribullet plus 10 Blendid smoothie packs, so you can get blending too!


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