Acting out!

We chat to 25-year-old Kate Roothman, who is quickly rising to fame in the world of acting!
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Girl next door

Small town Afrikaans girl Lariza Gilbert is living the life she always wanted – and it’s swoon-worthy!
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She’s been called ‘fish eyes’, mocked for being too skinny and was physically assaulted … But that did not hinder Pinehaven’s immaculate beauty Shelbe Pretorius one bit in becoming the owner of a successful company and a sought-after model, or from serving the less fortunate.
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Discover a lekker place

MD of #LekkerPlaces, Wanita Sparrow’s tourism journey began completely by accident. She was a stylish city girl going places and was suddenly whipped away to live in the countryside in a romantic old farmhouse in a place … wait for it … called Koesterfontein, just outside the quaint village of Magaliesburg.
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Queen of the track

Marathon runner, Olympic medalist, an ambassador for the Spar Women’s Race, mentor, marketing manager, wife, mother and self-confessed shopaholic … René Kalmer is the perfect example of exceptional!
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Beyers Chocolates celebrates 30 sweet years

Most 13-year-old boys spend their time playing computer games but not Kees Beyers. This young Belgian boy woke up at 4:30am every Saturday and Sunday to cycle to his neighbouring town to work part-time for a confectioner. What was his motivation? One day he was going to own a chocolate factory.
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Ithate – love yourself!

Renowned for her loud, though infectious laugh, Geniene Preston was in for a treat meeting this beaut from Kloofendal. Lerato Moyo’s eyes sparkle as she takes in everything around her, and at the age of 40, she’s still wondering what to do when she really grows up!
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Get it Joburg West – March 2018

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